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The late, great Alternative Grounds

Those of you who knew me well at Alternative Grounds are familiar with my predisposition for analyzing just about anything that moves.  And since life is always moving, I figure it’s fair game.  You also knew that I like to … Continue reading

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“It’s a great neighbourhood”

How often, since we moved into Roncy two decades ago, have I heard people wax eloquent about what a wonderful neighbourhood we live in.  And how many have moved here because it was a ‘great neighbourhood’?  I’ve heard some say, … Continue reading

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Urbanism 101- evolving

I am “Fearlessanalyst” for a reason:  I just had to keep on compulsively analyzing after my December 21 post, reacting to the ‘Turner + Porter meeting’.  Reflecting back over the decades, I thought about how my perspectives on development and … Continue reading

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A little cognitive dissonance* in Roncy?

Sometimes I get the feeling there’s a little cognitive dissonance going on in the neighbourhood.  I suppose it’s almost predictable, since the ‘hood is full of caring people, and caring almost invariably leads eventually to a kind of inner conflict … Continue reading

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The Revue is 100!

Last night the neighbourhood celebrated the 100th birthday of The Revue cinema*.  I don’t usually attend such things, but I’m so glad I did. The 3-D movie ‘Hugo’ was a perfect choice for the event, but to me the real … Continue reading

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Roncy culture changing…

As I strolled to Alternative Grounds this morning, I mused at the sweetness of being greeted with a quiet smile and  “…morning.” by strangers as we passed each other.  Some walking with purpose in their body language probably on their … Continue reading

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Dental appreciation

I’m sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but it’s the sort of news I like to hear from my neighbours sometimes, so here goes. I had wanted to switch from my North Toronto dentist to one in my neighbourhood … Continue reading

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