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Roncy culture changing…

As I strolled to Alternative Grounds this morning, I mused at the sweetness of being greeted with a quiet smile and  “…morning.” by strangers as we passed each other.  Some walking with purpose in their body language probably on their … Continue reading

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Dental appreciation

I’m sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but it’s the sort of news I like to hear from my neighbours sometimes, so here goes. I had wanted to switch from my North Toronto dentist to one in my neighbourhood … Continue reading

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‘Stigma-free’ + education…

We hear a lot of talk these days about ‘stigma’ around mental health issues.   But what does this mean? It means you have to be awfully courageous to admit out loud – for example – that you are depressed (especially … Continue reading

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Roncesvalles Avenue at Sunrise…

As I strolled down the avenue this morning in the quiet street-sounds, with the long shadows of sunrise and the steadily increasing birdsong, I was reminded of how I once loved the highrise canyons of New York city or Montreal – … Continue reading

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Four years later….

I could sum up Roncy in more or less the same words I used in March 2008.   But not with the same feelings.  The details are similar, but the meaning and shades and tones have changed…. There is a qualitative difference … Continue reading

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