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Celebrating differences

Toronto just hosted World Pride Week 2014, and I’m feeling proud to be Canadian. Especially in Ontario, where not only have we just elected our first female premier, but she’s openly gay, and behaves as if it’s the norm. Now … Continue reading

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Brave parents & progress

I’ve just finished reading a special chapter in a special book* – and it still shimmers in my consciousness.   Chapter One – Dancing in the eye of the Storm – was written by Kathy Witterick, someone I’m proud to call … Continue reading

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Alternative to shooting? ….. Compassion?

If you pay any attention to the news, you may have heard that an 18-year-old boy, Sammy,  was shot to death by a Toronto police officer a few weeks ago.  He was alone in a streetcar.  With a 3” knife.  … Continue reading

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Another police shooting!

Ah!  Another police shooting of someone “with a knife”.   And another demonstration approaches – August 13.  This was Sammy Yatim, a boy in distress.  It seems like there’s an awful lot of ignorance around ‘distress’. In the next rally,  a … Continue reading

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Legalizing drugs? No brainer!

Heroin doesn’t care who it takes,  Janis Joplin, or Chris Levoir.   It’s an “equal opportunity” killer.   The rich and famous, or your brother, my grandchild, whoever. I suppose alcohol could have killed Chris.  But not likely unless he’d been drinking … Continue reading

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Neighbourhood fascists?

I’m sitting across from someone who should know better, but he says “Well I don’t want tall buildings either!”  We’ve been talking about the need for densification to reduce urban sprawl, slow down gentrification and increase affordability – my favourite … Continue reading

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Condos, condos everywhere…. or, suburbia?

Well, here we are once again reacting to another condo proposition in Roncesvalles Village.  Our city councillor (Gord Perks) hosted a neighbourhood meeting the other night, the purpose of which was to provide the developers (Mattamy Homes) with feedback from … Continue reading

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