“World class city”

This is a ‘new world’ we are living, in the blogosphere.  It is such a new forum that, worldwide, we are all learning as we go, learning how to do this new kind of communicating, learning a new kind of etiquette.   Learning, in fact, what it all really means within the bigger context: the meaning of life.

Apart from content, many aspects take awhile to make sense of – like the domain name I reserved years ago, with the vague idea of it having a value for me someday —  someday when I might have a clearer vision.  I was sure I would know what I wanted to do with it.

“Someday” happened over the past week.  And now this urban blog  is called “World Class City”; the domain name I reserved those years ago:    www.worldclasscity.ca.

So what does it mean to me, this title.  Well, for me it contains a touch of irony.  There are many in Toronto who yearn for their city to be “world class”, more like New York or London.   For them it might mean we’d have all the wonders found in places like Paris (The Louvre?  The Eiffel Tower?) — the opportunity for ‘greatness’.  For some, it means trying to prove that it’s already a world class city.  Some want it to be a place where it’s easy to grow rich – if only for them.  For them, Toronto is an investment.

My blog is really about any and all aspects of urban living in Toronto — how I see it.  It’s often about my smaller community, this Roncesvalles Village that many have lived in and loved for so long —  this changing “Roncy”.

For some Toronto’s a place with qualities and flaws, but where happiness has arisen like the phoenix from the ashes of their history.  A place that nurtures creativity and innovation – and security.  They have the hope that, working together in their community, a democratic, egalitarian, comfortable place can grow, quietly tended by them.  Ideally, a place where all will feel included and nourished.   Now that would be a world class city.

At the end of the day, for me, it is where I fully live, truly live.  It is home — that place where the ‘work of the soul’ happens.

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