Develop, develop – just not too much!

In my imagination I’ve been conjuring up a giant urban planner, completely objective, who decides on exactly where and how development takes place in Toronto.  Being fair, of course, she distributes residential development more or less evenly throughout the city.  And within each neighbourhood, she sprinkles low-to-medium rise condos and apartment buildings.

She makes a great effort to keep the supply high enough that prices don’t rise to unaffordable levels.  And she liberally provides enough small clusters of accommodation here and there throughout the city to ensure no one is homeless.

In the fantasy, there is no need for angry public meetings reacting to extreme development proposals.  It a a community where people “call a spade a spade”: – it is considered selfish to reject condo developments.  Likewise, building simpler, less expensive apartment buildings is encouraged through incentives.

What a sweet dream….

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1 Response to Develop, develop – just not too much!

  1. A sweet dream indeed. Wish it could happen here too. I would add that no one in this sweet dream could own two homes and leave the one empty in Cornwall for months when there are homeless people in need. All the best to you 🙂

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