Roncy’s Blue Plate

We considered swing dancing last night, but it was too hot to go to our favourite Dovercourt House. They don’t have air conditioning, and dancing swing in this humid heat is too much.

We were even happier with the decision when we strolled into The Blue Plate with its air conditioning.  Others were choosing the lovely back patio, but  we opted for our favourite table in the window, because there’s nothing more delicious than watching Roncy’s characters walking by – unless it’s Chef Julia’s dinner!

Julia and Melissa are co-owners; Melissa and Drazenka take care of their guests – and we do feel like welcome guests whenever we go.  We’ve been going for years, and they know us and what we like.   Unlike most formula-driven restaurants, they are flexible.  Last night, for example, the fish of the day was basa – but Melissa remembered that I prefer salmon and said they still had a piece from the day before, would I prefer that? It was the best salmon I’ve had anywhere in months!  Julia even tossed in extra beets, because she knows I love them.  Those thoughtful little extras.

Everyone we know likes The Blue Plate – mostly for the food, which I call “gourmet comfort food”. It’s creative, different from everywhere else, but just different enough to be exciting – never ‘strange’. They have an excellent bar, cool decor, and I hope it lasts longer than me!

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2 Responses to Roncy’s Blue Plate

  1. Earla Dunbar says:

    Will have to find a man to take me here.

  2. Will mine do? 🙂 You ARE fast!

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