“Third Place” beauty…

My “third place”* is – as ee Cummings said – “a thing of beauty and a joy forever”.  The flow of people, every shape, size, colour and persuasion, in a rainbow of humanity, is like lying down in a garden of wildflowers, listening to the tiniest sounds of bees and ants, smelling the incredible fragrances of variety – truly the spice of life.

That was a long sentence – much like the feel of my meadow-garden, and my café.  And both are stimulating  at the same time as they are mellowing.   In either place I am free to be me, and I am nourished.

What is the single most important quality in this coffee shop that I don’t find elsewhere?  Not the ‘differences’, as much as the fact that the people who come here daily love those differences, and feel nourished by them.

The people who come here write, work, dialogue, dream  – and grow a little every day.

*an ‘urbanism’ concept – check Wikipedia…

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