From Roncy at twilight….

A stroll down Roncesvalles Avenue at twilight brings me peace and tranquility like no other time of day.  I am still moved by the same kinds of images that moved me when I was 13 and wrote about the “Trees etched black against the sky; sunset of a deep mauve sea”…

I suppose it is obvious: the end of the day does suggest – in a beautiful way – that it is time to unwind, slow down, get out of my head, into my soul.

No doubt the combination of the long walk and the awesome sky must either produce poetry, or a good night’s sleep.

     Sunrise, on the other hand, for me provokes excitement, stimulation; it fuels the day, makes me intellectually ready – “on”, so to speak.   The more beautiful the sunrise, the more optimistic I feel about the new day.

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