Roncesvalles Village ‘renewed’…

Well, here we are, “living the life” – a Roncesvalles Village that no one can deny is trendy, beautiful, and fun.     For those who love to talk about urban neighbourhoods, there is much to discuss:

It is now possible to obtain almost anything without using a car: fresh produce galore; cafes; and the seafood store I have longed for is soon to open – even has a website:   But as they say, be careful what you wish for.  The fish store will be unaffordable for many.

Sadly, ‘high end’ — what I used to think of as “North Toronto” – has become the norm among new businesses opening in the neighbourhood.   Those who can afford it think nothing of it.  Those who can’t,  increasingly must get on a streetcar and leave the “village” to shop.

The once-famous “Polish” neighbourhood is becoming less so, as the current generation moves to the suburbs, and their homes that usually contained an apartment or two, are either renovated into fabulous single-families, or demolished and replaced by new and sometimes admittedly interesting architecture.  But where did the former tenants go?

And what happens to them when they can’t afford to live here?   They are our children.

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